4980344_origGet to know the lava field from inside.
Date: August 26th
Pick up: Grand Hotel
Departure time: 14:00
Duration: 4-5 hours
Difficulty Rating: Easy
Bring: Weather appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes
Price: 17.900 ISK
Min part: 5
Included: light refreshment

The most active volcanic system at the Reykjavik area erupts every 500-1000 years. The last eruption was 850 years ago so in fact the system is overdue. When an eruption starts the magma chamber underneath Seltún expands coursing a break out that can rip the earth open as close as few kilometres from the city.
On our way to Seltún we will see where the lava ran last time and where it is most likely that it will run to shore next time – which is over one of the newest districts in the capital area. Apart from being the center of volcanic activity, Seltún is a highly active and stunningly beautiful geothermal area with hot springs and boiling fumaroles all around.
We take a walk around the area with a guide specialized in the geology and volcanic activity of the area. It is a perfect time to take pictures, enjoy the nature and each other’s company.

On our way from Seltún we stop at Maríuhellar, a perfect and easy to access example of a lava tube cave. We explain how these caves are formed during an eruption and take a look into the caves while enjoying a complimentary refreshment. Stories about the former residents of the cave, ordinary people, outlaws, elves and trolls might follow.

We park a short walk away from the river and when we get there we can see the lava that ran through this part of the city some 4.600 years ago. The power and district heating company in Reykjavik has made a precautionary plan in case of an eruption that would lead to a lava stream running down this valley. We enjoy the beautiful area and a perfect view point over the waterfalls, answer questions about the area, take pictures (and perhaps a snaps for those who want) before going back to the hotel.